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Cognitive City Viewer Network
Cognitive City Viewer Network

Exaptive Cognitive City Work - Winter 2019

Virtual environment for organizing, visualizing, and exploring graph data.

What I worked on

  • Wrote automatically tested code in in-person and remote environments, individually and as a mob, with Scrum and Kanban
  • Designed and implemented a form generation system with a variety of field interfaces backed by a dynamic graph model defined by the user
  • Implemented a large breaking change in an active client-facing visualization model through small incremental steps alternating between the frontend and backend, leading to a system that could more robustly handle user alterations
  • Advocated for and transitioned the application from dataflow code to React.js, boosting productivity and allowing the team to leverage its large ecosystem and modern development tooling
  • Created the frontend of this multi-model graph-based innovation management application and worked through language and tooling transitions to keep up with company goals and developer performance